Nourish yourself and your child

Go Vita family member and heart leading mother of little one Fenix, Emily Beehag is nourishing her family and herself with sweet alternatives to chocolate and coffee. We chat with Emily about her lifestyle tips and tricks for creating a wholesome life for your family.

What has influenced you and the way you nourish your family?

My journey into ‘alternative’ health started a good 10 years ago and has been a very gradual process.
Through years of different study like Yoga, beauty therapy, nutritional medicine, meditation and reiki I’ve come to life adjustments and recommitments.

There have been many people, experiences and places that have influenced me and my health.
But what I have come to learn (after much soul loving and accepting) is that our intuition is our compass.
It’s that gut feeling when something feels incredible or if something doesn’t feel good.
Many of us either don’t know how to listen or don’t know how to trust it.

It is something I have integrated after many years and most of the time leads the way with mine and my families health.
We know what our bodies need and our bodies know how to heal if given the right tools.

What is a treat that you and your child enjoy together?

Every now and then we share a Carob Kitchen Banjo Bear. Carob is naturally sweet and majority don’t have added sugar.

What are your winter pantry must - haves?

Bone Broth and Raw Organic Cacao Powder. As the seasons change from hot to cold, it’s important we are nourishing our insides with warm, nutrient dense foods. This is why I love Bone Broth. I try to add it to most savoury dishes. It’s great for the immune system, promotes healthy hair skin and nails, boosts brain health and promotes healthy joints.

I love having a hot cacao with local raw honey and medicinal mushrooms either of a morning (depending on Fenix’s mood) or of a night (after dinner).

Cacao is naturally high in magnesium, it promotes sleep and relaxation, helps with women’s cycles, soothes muscles and cramping.

Magnesium is used in the body for over 300 different functions- so it’s pretty major.

What would you NOT find in your pantry?

We try to keep everything simple and eat as close to nature as we can at the time. So we tend to stay away from too many packaged foods, and foods containing nasty additives like high fructose corn syrup, synthetic colours and preservatives.

What are some simple tips to keep in mind when nourishing your child?

Quite often it’s the simple things that can have major effects on our kid’s wellbeing.

Reducing sugar and highly processed foods can have such a positive impact on children’s mental health. Concentration heightens, moods regulate, and sleeping can improve.

I also feel that eating as much organic foods as you can to be very effective. Keeping things like dairy and wheat to a minimum or consuming organic dairy and bread. These simple tips may really support your child mentally, physically and therefore-emotionally.

Children may become very irritable and a lot harder to communicate with when they eat certain foods, because particular foods can cause brain fog which decreases concentration and heightens moods and cravings.

To me, it all comes down to lifestyle and the choices we make.I feel the examples we embody have an effect on the future generations to come.


Emily Beehag is the daughter of the Owners of Go Vita Grafton, Leita and Craig who are celebrating their 5th year in business this month. Emily is an expert raw treat foodie and trys to use unprocessed organic ingredients when possible to nuture her little one on his journey to a healthy future.