Just Enough Beach Candle Workshop

Monday 19th April - 10am / 12pm / 2pm

Just enough beach candle workshop brought to you by Lisa.

Enjoy wicking and pouring your very own unique handmade soy candle.

Choose from a variety of cocktail inspired scents that will smell as beautiful as they look!

Lychee Martini - Smells like exotic lychee infused with Japanese white tea.

Rose Bellini - Smells like an elegant blend of rose petals, vanilla and pink rose.

Passioned Lime - Smells like passionfruit muddles with zesty lime.

Malibu Crush - Smells like Tahitian coconut shaken with island fruits.

Lemon Myrtle G&T - Smells like lemon myrtle, sandalwood and eucalyptus.

Watermelon Margarita - Smells like freshly cut watermelon with a spike of lemon.

Heavily discounted price for our Seniors, only $40pp.

Bookings are essential

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